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25 Jan

Transportation Liability Risks for Mining Companies

Given the amount of overseas work mining corporations need to conduct, it’s important that they have proper insurance coverage for transportation systems and vehicles.

Transportation will be needed for machinery, cargo, staff, specialists, and many other operations’ needs. As such, there can be a number of risks and liabilities that mining companies need to consider in order to maintain smooth sailing of their operations and mitigate losses.

Here are a few key considerations for transportation-related exposures and liabilities:

22 Jan

Understanding the Craft of Value Engineering

One of the main goals of an engineering project usually involves having the project be built for maximum function but with minimal costs. As such, a Value Engineer may be brought in during the early project stages to help enhance the success of a project by unveiling opportunities to reduce redundancies, eliminating unnecessary elements and finding less expensive materials that are adequate to do the job.

However, not many people are familiar with the concept of Value Engineering beyond these factors. Here are some things you may not have known about Value Engineering:

20 Jan

Loss Control and Risk Management Checklist for Framing Contractors

Framing contractors invest their expertise, time, and energy to construct frames that can successfully support buildings and stand the test of time. However, those who own a framing contractor business need to be aware of challenges that can arise from risks such as property damage, equipment breakdowns, and environmental factors.

Therefore, it’s important for a framing contractor to assess their exposures and avoid gaps in their risk management programs. Take a look at some of the risk categories and their considerations that framing contractors should always keep in mind while working:

18 Jan

Exclusions in Mining Insurance Policies for Directors and Officers

Directors and Officers (D&Os) of companies in the mining industry can be faced with a wide range of legal exposures arising from their duties to the corporation. For example, they owe a duty to manage the corporation, a duty to act in the corporation’s best interests, and a duty to exercise care and skill.

Having a Directors & Officers insurance policy in place can cover financial losses that would not be covered under Errors & Omissions (E&O) policies, such as securities claims. It also provides coverage for individual D&Os whereas the E&O policy would only cover the entity.

However, some policies will have exclusions to them and it’s important to find out exactly what each policy will and will not cover. Take a look at some of the common exclusions that may be involved:

15 Jan

5 Questions to Ask Before Selecting a Subconsultant

It is very unlikely that an architect or engineer acting as lead designer can complete a project without subconsultants. This task requires very careful attention and skill in order to assemble a subconsultant team that will most perfectly match your project’s needs and ensure its success.

However, one of the risks involved is being vicariously liable for an error or omission your subconsultant makes. Here are some questions to consider before you finalize your subconsultant roster for your next project:

13 Jan

Loss Control and Risk Management Checklist for Plumbing Contractors

Plumbing is an essential service that can save residential and commercial customers alike from inconvenience nightmares when they experience plumbing issues. Given the state of the global pandemic and most people being confined to a single living and working space, plumbing contractors are needed more than ever to fix customers’ plumbing should an issue arise.

However, plumbing contractors have to also be aware of protecting their own selves from risks that could lead to potential legal action or asset losses when they are at work.

Check out some of the risk categories and their considerations that plumbing contractors should always keep in mind while working:

11 Jan

Practical Risk Management for Mining Liability Issues

Mining companies face a variety of insurance risks due to the nature of their operations often crossing international boundaries. Invoking proper risk management practices can assist mining companies in reducing claims related to liability issues.

Therefore, working with an experienced broker who can provide expert guidance and advice in conducting a proper assessment of risk exposures and coverage options can significantly reduce the cost of insured losses, deductibles, and claim expenses while obtaining the most favourable terms.

Take a look at some of the liability risks mining companies face and their key considerations:

08 Jan

4 Ways to Avoid Vicarious Liability When Working with Subconsultants

Vicarious liability arises from the common law doctrine of “agency law” and occurs when someone in a superior or controlling role is held responsible for the errors and omissions of their subordinates or agents.

This means that if you hire subconsultants to work on yours or your client’s project, you can be held vicariously liable for damages that arise as a result of their actions. Here are some actions you can take to help mitigate the risk of vicarious liability when working with subconsultants and ensure your project runs as smoothly as possible:

04 Aug

Commercial General Liability Insurance for Realtors

Commercial General Liability (CGL) insurance is intended to cover damages caused by negligence that has resulted in property damage or bodily injury. CGL policies may also cover defence costs*.

It’s important that brokerages have CGL insurance to protect REALTORS® from third-party claims. While some claims may be covered under a sellers’ insurance policy, Realtors may still be involved in a lawsuit if the property owners seek recovery for damages caused by the negligence of the Realtor. In other cases, the seller may not have insurance and the Realtor will be sued directly by the injured party.

11 May

8 Tricks to Avoid the Quarantine 15


Given the disruption of routines, it’s understandable that quarantine can be a stressor for many. As we’ve all had to find ways to rearrange our daily lives, many are abandoning their healthier eating habits due to a lack of regular schedule, stress and boredom. While there’s nothing wrong with indulging in comforting or convenient foods every once in a while, it should also be the exception rather than the norm. With refrigerators and endless snacks now always within reach, it may take a bit more self-control and mindfulness than usual to help keep the Quarantine 15 at bay. However, there are still ways you can eat well during this time of social isolation while keeping your sanity too.

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