25 Sep

Architects & Engineers: Protect Yourself Against Errors and Omissions


In your field, you are expected to provide quality services and produce error-free work on a daily basis. Such precision is obviously important in such a highly skilled industry, but despite your best intentions, some mistakes or misjudgments are bound to occur. Unfortunately, when they do, even the smallest error can have serious consequences.

25 Sep

Common Commercial Risks that Every Architect Should Know About


Despite your years of experience or keen eye for detail, risks are an inevitable part of doing business. While the stakes are much higher for architects compared to those outside of the design/build industry, no two businesses are alike in the terms of risk exposures. 

25 Sep

Architects & Engineers: You Need Professional Liability Coverage


As an engineer or architect, you work in a highly skilled, detail-oriented industry and are expected to provide quality design services that are free of errors or omissions. Despite your expertise, knowledge and best intentions, the reality is that not all projects are error-free, and eventually a mistake or misjudgment is bound to occur. Even the smallest error can have serious consequences.

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