27 Aug

Four simple steps to protect your small business

As a small business owner, you have poured your heart and soul into your work. Building your own business venture takes drive and passion. Protecting what you have built requires you to spend smart and plan carefully for any unexpected bumps along the way.

23 Jul

The three pillars of effective digital marketing

Small businesses do not always have the time or resources to dedicate much to their marketing efforts, but they have a lot to gain from interacting with customers online.

18 Jun

Behind the boardroom doors - Directors and officers claims examples (Part 2)

This is part two in a series on claims examples where directors and officers insurance can provide coverage. You can access Part 1 here.

10 May

Why cyber criminals target small and medium sized businesses

The news is peppered with stories about cyberattacks on large corporations and even large municipalities like Atlanta. These stories make it clear that although the digital age has made it easier than ever to transact business, it also comes with a new set of threats that businesses should prepare for.

02 May

Your guide to fishing lodge insurance

Canada is world-renowned for its fishing lodges. Set in spectacular locations which span British Columbia in the west to Newfoundland & Labrador in the east, fishing lodges are part of the Canadian outdoors experience, providing some of the most breathtaking and awe inspiring places to fish in the whole of the world. Some are luxurious and cater events from weddings to corporate functions. Others are small pioneering cabins nestled away in the heart of our country.

12 Apr

Crime Insurance - Protecting you from criminal acts and behaviour

Crime is everywhere. From petty street crime to multi million dollar fraud, it can take many different forms. There are many ways businesses can suffer from crime – from an employee who has their hand in the cash register to an embezzling accountant. Your organization, whether a corporation or a nonprofit, can also be vulnerable to crimes like robbery and burglary. Crime is one of the biggest ways companies and corporations can lose money and assets.

05 Apr

Mining and mineral exploration risk management checklist

Mining and mineral exploration companies face unique risks. We've compiled a basic risk management checklist so you can see how your organization stacks up.
19 Mar

Believe it or not, Japan has a drone museum

Drones may be a relatively recent phenomenon, but that hasn’t stopped Skyasky Inc., a drone flight school, from opening the country’s first drone museum in Osaka, Japan.

12 Mar

Cyber liability claims examples - Why your business needs coverage

 When you hear about cyber attacks and "data breaches, many people think of a rogue hacker infiltrating a computer system to steal people's information.

12 Feb

North American CEOs among the most optimistic: report

Cyber threats top the list of worries from corporate leaders 

Corporate optimism about short term prospects rose to record heights this year, according to PwC’s annual CEO survey

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