09 Oct

How to Create Barriers and Prevent Trespass in Quarries


Quarries are dangerous places, but are also tempting to visitors. Employees who work at the quarry are aware of the location’s hazards, such as falls, slips and trips. Members of the public, however, are often ignorant about quarries’ dangers and see only an inviting spot to swim, climb and generally enjoy the outdoors.

09 Oct

The Importance of Lockout/Tag Out Safety in Mines


Lockout/tag out (LOTO) procedures are used by workers in mine hoist plants underground to ensure that energy controls are kept in an “off” or safe position during maintenance and service work and that electrical currents are turned off.

09 Oct

4 Common Quarrying Risks & How to Control Them


Quarries are brimming with hazards. From massive vehicles to steep heights to powerful explosives, quarry workers rely on extreme measures to get the job done.

26 Sep

The Growing Use of Technology in the Mining Industry


In order to stay competitive, control costs and remain sustainable, mining companies across Canada have increasingly begun investing in a more digital approach to managing operations, according to a survey by Accenture. Twenty-five per cent of survey respondents stated that their digital investment has increased by 50 per cent or more in the last three years.

23 Sep

The Real Cyber Security Risks of Today’s Mining Operations


Rob Labbe, a Canadian, is the co-founder of the Mining and Metals Information Sharing and Analysis Centre. When addressing the topic of cyber security, Labbe admits, “traditionally, mining (cyber) security hasn’t been seen as a major priority.” The reasoning for this is that he partly suspects "there’s an attitude of ‘nobody’s after us. We have nothing anybody’s interested in.’ That was the prevailing sense of the board room” until Canadian-based mining companies started getting hacked.

05 Apr

Mining and mineral exploration risk management checklist

Mining and mineral exploration companies face unique risks. We've compiled a basic risk management checklist so you can see how your organization stacks up.
12 Feb

North American CEOs among the most optimistic: report

Cyber threats top the list of worries from corporate leaders 

Corporate optimism about short term prospects rose to record heights this year, according to PwC’s annual CEO survey

07 Nov

The latest mining technology works from the sky

How drones are using sensory and photographic data to create efficiencies in mining

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