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The best side jobs for stay at home parents

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The best side jobs for stay at home parents

Nowadays, staying at home with the kids does not have to mean putting work on hold. There are plenty of ways for parents to bring in some cash working from home. Whether you are a digital wizard, know your way around the kitchen or are handy with a sewing machine, put your skills and education to good use while you mind the little ones.

Working from home might mean freelancing for a larger company or using your living space to create products or tutor clients. Starting a business, even out of your home, is a legal process. Depending on how you are using your space for business, there may be certain licensing or registrations you will need to obtain depending on which city and province you call home.

Parents understand well the need to protect yourself and your family from risk. Bringing your work into the home will carry its own liabilities. Home-based business insurance will protect things like your equipments and products and cover you in case of any injury (to you or your clients) during the course of your business operations.

Here are some of the best gigs to balance your work-life and home-life as a stay-at-home parent.


Tutoring is ideal for parents who have either worked in education, or have post-secondary experience with a particular subject. Set up a quiet space in your home where you can work with youngsters who could use some extra help with their studies.

Music teacher

Play an instrument? Instructing young and beginner musicians is a great way for the musically-inclined to earn some extra cash at home.

Social Media Manager

There are many brands and nonprofits interested in hiring remote freelancers to enhance their digital presence. If you have a laptop and a good knowledge of social media best practices, you could help manage social media channels for a few hours per week.

Web Designer

Small businesses and startups are less likely to have their own in-house designers, and will look to freelancers to help design their websites or develop their apps. If you have any training in this area, it can be a lucrative at-home gig.


Do you have a knack for cooking or baking? Consider taking orders. You can prepare party dishes, or create stunning wedding cakes from your own kitchen, then deliver them to your clients.


Many people might be at a loss when it comes to hemming their own pants or replacing an errant button. If you have some skill with a sewing machine, this is an easy business to start, as customers will bring in clothes for repair or provide fabric for custom garments. You could be mending clothes or whipping up Halloween costumes in no time.


If you love to make crafts — knit, embroider, carve — why not do it for profit? Set yourself up with an Etsy store to sell your creations. You can produce as much or as little as you want, and set a price that is fair to you.


While the tot is napping, you could throw in a pair of headphones and transcribe some audio into written form. Transcription can be done from anywhere. If you have use of a second or third language, you could also transcribe recordings into multiple languages.

Yoga Instructor or Personal Trainer

Yogis and fitness gurus, consider holding classes in your home. Set your own class schedule or conduct one-on-one sessions with your clients. If people will be coming into your space to do physical activity, you will want to make sure you have the right kind of insurance.

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Daycare Provider

While you are home with your own children, you could be looking after a few others whose parents are headed to the office. Your own kids will benefit from the socialization, and you would be providing an extremely useful service to fellow parents.


Go solo, or apply to be a pet-sitter for a service like Rover, an app for connecting dog owners with dog-sitters. You can set your profile to reflect what kind of services you can provide (daycare, overnight boarding, dog walking, etc.) and stipulate that you can only watch dogs who are good around children.


As a parent, you have so many insightful and relatable stories to tell. Maybe you have a particular interest in food or travel. Sharing your thoughts and experiences online can garner you a following that will attract paid promotions with brands who are aligned with your content.

Are you a parent who works at home? Get in touch with Axis to make sure your home insurance policy covers your business.

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