12 Nov

Talent Top 10 - a Staff Spotlight with Lee Fulsher

In our Talent Top 10 series we give readers the chance to get to know the friendly faces behind the Axis Insurance Group agencies. This week we asked 10 questions to our talented staff member Lee Fulsher - Commercial Insurance Account Executive.

04 Nov

Defining, Identify and Limiting Cyber Crime

A vast amount of information is now stored on computer servers and databases, and it’s growing every day. Because that information has great value, hackers are constantly looking for ways to steal or destroy it.

04 Nov

Mobile Device Cyber Security (Pt. 2)

If your company uses mobile devices to conduct company business, such as accessing company email or sensitive data, pay close attention to mobile security and the potential threats that can expose and compromise your business networks. This section describes the mobile threat environment and the practices that businesses can use to help secure devices such as smartphones, tablets and Wi-Fi enabled laptops.

04 Nov

Mobile Device Cyber Security (Pt. 1)

Because of their convenience, smartphones and tablet devices have become a universal presence in the modern business world. As usage soars, it becomes increasingly important to take steps to protect your company from mobile threats, both new and old.

04 Nov

7 Basic Cyber Loss Control Techniques

Protecting your business from cyber risks can be an overwhelming venture. With each passing month, new and more sophisticated viruses are being discovered, more spam is reaching your inbox and yet another well-known company becomes the victim of a data breach.

01 Nov

8 Safety Precautions for Handling Toxic Chemicals

Some chemicals used on the manufacturing floor are hazardous to employees’ health and can cause illness and injury if they are not handled correctly. Before employees begin working with any chemical, they need to identify its potential hazards, become familiar with how to best protect themselves and be aware of the procedures to follow if an accident takes place.

01 Nov

Preventing and Protecting Against Arc Flashes

Electric shock causes only about 20 per cent of all injuries among electrical workers. The majority of injuries in this profession are external burns or other effects of electrical arc explosions. There are between five and 10 reportable arc flash events every day in the country—averaging one fatality every 28 hours.

01 Nov

How to Improve Air Quality on the Floor

You may be surprised to know that indoor air sometimes has higher levels of pollutants than outdoor air, and consequently can pose environmentally related health problems. This has increasingly become a concern for business owners, as indoor air quality (IAQ) has a direct impact on the health, comfort, well-being and productivity of employees.

31 Oct

How to Keep Your Company's Cash Safe


In your industry, keeping cash on hand may be a necessity of doing business, not a choice. While dealing with cash can introduce certain risks into your operation, going without it is simply not an option. While you’ll never be able to completely eliminate risk, there are procedures you can introduce in your operations that will help manage it.

31 Oct

11 Tips for Security Guard Safety


Security guards around the nation patrol property, enforce regulations, serve as emergency responders and prevent crimes at their employers’ places of business. As part of their duties, guards must maintain a semblance of order, detain criminals and issue warnings to those who cannot abide by the rules.

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