09 Apr

Loss Control Tips for Residential Property Management Companies


Managing a property—whether it be an apartment, strata or similar dwelling—can be a challenge, particularly from a risk management standpoint. Even if a property manager only looks after a single space, they face numerous exposures—exposures that can come from a variety of sources and lead to thousands of dollars in damages and loss of income potential in an instant. This resource provides a summary of common risks property managers must address and includes helpful strategies they can use to prevent claims.

08 Apr

How to Protect Against Work from Home Cyberattacks During COVID-19


In North America, many individuals will still be completing their first month working from home due to COVID-19. While most organizations were quick to support this transition, an at-home workforce presents a new kind of risk for businesses. As cybercriminals are consistently looking for ways to exploit vulnerabilities in network security, remote operations need to be particularly critical of what security measures are in place to mitigate this risk.

07 Apr

Self-care 101: The What, Why & How


We live in a time where it’s not uncommon to feel like you’re being pulled in a million different directions. Whether it’s keeping up with work, investing in your relationship and friendships, or your list of errands and chores that is seemingly never ending, we often forget about the importance of carving out time for ourselves. Throw the stress of a global pandemic into the mix and the need for self-care increases tenfold. However, if there’s one shred of positivity that can be taken from the abrupt lifestyle change we’re all facing it’s that our usual pace of life has slowed down quite a bit. As a result you now have more time than ever to invest in yourself, to self-reflect and to re-evaluate what truly matters to you. 

02 Apr

How to Reduce Silica Exposure during Hydraulic Fracturing


According to the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH), workers may be exposed to dust containing high levels of respirable crystalline silica (silica) during hydraulic fracturing (fracking).

01 Apr

7 Safety Recommendations for Flowback Operations


Although worker safety hazards in the oil and gas extraction industry are well-known, there is very little published data regarding occupational health hazards within this industry, such as the types and magnitude of risks for chemical exposures. This article describes flowback operations and addresses potential exposures during the process.

31 Mar

6 Free At-home Health & Fitness Resources


In order to promote social distancing and help “flatten the curve,” local governments from coast-to-coast have asked fitness studios to shutter their doors. Couple this with the fact that the non-essential workforce has had to abruptly adapt to remote work life, now more than ever it’s important that individuals incorporate exercise into their daily routines. While this may seem contradictory to the general request for self-isolation, many gyms and fitness pros have made the pivot to provide a bevvy of at-home resources that support your overall well-being.

26 Mar

How to Support Your Remote Work Team & Maintain Morale


While more than one third of Canada’s working population already participates in remote work, many employees and their managers are working outside of the office for the first time. Despite the flexibility and freedom that remote work is favoured for, this kind of separation can be a challenge for some. Fortunately, with some basic awareness, you can overcome these unique obstacles to help your work from home team survive and thrive.

25 Mar

The Risks of Radon Exposure in Mines


Radon is a colourless, odourless, tasteless, radioactive gas that is formed from the natural radioactive decay of uranium found in many rocks, soils and water. It is a known human carcinogen; in fact, as the second leading cause of lung cancer behind smoking, it presents a serious health risk to those exposed.

20 Mar

COVID-19 & Business Interruption Insurance: A Brief Q&A


Got questions about how the current COVID-19 pandemic relates to your commercial insurance? Thanks to the Insurance Bureau of Canada, we’ve got some of the answers to the most pressing questions Canadian business owners are facing.

19 Mar

5 Free Programs to Keep Your Work From Home Team Functional


As our global society adjusts to a new normal in the wake of the Coronavirus (COVID-19), businesses are scrambling to adapt in order to keep their operations afloat. With local and national government strongly encouraging individuals to work from home if possible, many business owners are wondering how they can seamlessly do it all without having to take on exorbitant costs in light of dwindling profits. Although pay-for-use programs are a dime a dozen, fortunately there are quite a few free options to help put some worries at ease while keeping your team fully functional.

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