10 Sep

Moving into a new apartment? This checklist will help

Moving to a new home is the beginning of an exciting new chapter in your life, but can often be a logistical headache. Whether you are making the move across the country, or just down the street, there are plenty of details to consider.

28 Aug

How a partnership with the private sector can boost your nonprofit’s profile

“There is nothing in business today that provides as much economic and social benefit, on as many levels, to as many stakeholders, as a strategic partnership between any combination of the nonprofit, for-profit, education and government sectors when focused on the greater good. Nothing else comes even close.” Bruce Burtch

27 Aug

Four simple steps to protect your small business

As a small business owner, you have poured your heart and soul into your work. Building your own business venture takes drive and passion. Protecting what you have built requires you to spend smart and plan carefully for any unexpected bumps along the way.

22 Aug

The best side jobs for stay at home parents


Nowadays, staying at home with the kids does not have to mean putting work on hold. There are plenty of ways for parents to bring in some cash working from home. Whether you are a digital wizard, know your way around the kitchen or are handy with a sewing machine, put your skills and education to good use while you mind the little ones.

15 Aug

How cyber insurance responds to GDPR requirements

Earlier this year, the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) went into effect, placing new obligations on companies and organizations that are doing business in the EU, or with European citizens. North Americans are becoming used to privacy breach notification requirements from government, including PIPEDA, CASL, and soon the Digital Privacy Act here in Canada, but GDPR extends well beyond any regulatory measures in place on this side of the Atlantic. It also requires that users have the ability to access, edit, and delete their private information, restricting how companies gather and store data.

13 Aug

What yoga instructors should know about video production

Yoga has come a long way in the past few thousand years. As an instructor, using the technology and social networks available to you can be highly beneficial to your practice.

07 Aug

What every nonprofit should look for in a community manager

Social media can be a powerful tool for nonprofits to build support, attract new donors and further their cause. A strong digital presence has become essential to developing social movements. This comes with a growing need for community managers — the people who manage a nonprofit’s social media channels — to oversee that presence.

30 Jul

Apartment repairs that aren’t typically the landlord’s responsibility

There are some great perks to being a tenant. Your monthly rent relieves you of many of the responsibilities of homeownership, but there are some repairs and chores that fall to the tenant as well.

23 Jul

The three pillars of effective digital marketing

Small businesses do not always have the time or resources to dedicate much to their marketing efforts, but they have a lot to gain from interacting with customers online.

19 Jul

NASA wants to use drones to study Venus


Although it’s common knowledge that NASA has been aggressively studying Mars, recent news has revealed that the space agency is also interested in sending drones to assist in the study of Venus.

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