10 May

How Mining Companies Can Protect Their Physical Assets Against Loss

Mining companies own many physical assets in their care. Depending on the stage and nature of the project or mine development, they will require coverage for assets such as contents of office and tenant improvements, camp buildings, stock and equipment, mobile equipment, automobiles, watercraft, drones, fuel supply and tank storage, and mining property.

Here are some of the exposures that need to be covered and the key considerations for them:

07 May

Safety Tips That Protect Service Industry Employees at Work

These establishments are often at the centre of a community, offering customers the fuel they need for their next journey on the road and a variety of everyday essentials—including food, medications and toiletries.

However, managing such an establishment also carries constant challenges. After all, owners must deliver exceptional service, maintain a loyal customer base and promote a safe work environment.

This guide gives your business the opportunity to review risk categories specific to your operations and take action to address those risks:

06 May

The Benefits of Using Machine Guards While Operating Heavy Equipment

Working with machinery and other heavy equipment is one of the top causes of workplace injuries. Machinery is necessary to create a level of efficiency that’s unreachable through manual labour. Although effective, this equipment comes with serious risks. However, your risk of accidental injury can be reduced through the use of machine guards.

05 May

How Remote Working Burnout Becomes a Factor in Cybersecurity Risks

Human error is one of the largest threats to the cybersecurity of an organization. As remote work continues due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Canadian workers are reporting burnout, which can lead to more cybersecurity errors. According to Microsoft’s recent World Trend Index, Canadians are “trending more toward burnout” during the workday, with 47 per cent feeling exhausted versus 39 per cent globally, and 51 per cent feeling stressed versus 42 per cent globally.

Here's how remote working burnout can impact an organization's cybersecurity:

03 May

Mental Health Week 2021: #GetReal

Mental Health Week in Canada is May 3-9, 2021. As part of our commitment to supporting our employees’ mental health and wellbeing, Axis Insurance Group encourages everyone to become comfortable with expressing their true feelings.

30 Apr

Loss Control and Risk Management for General Contractors

General contractors are skilled tradespeople, overseeing both residential and commercial construction projects. Due to the complexity of their work, general contractors must address a number of exposures on a daily basis. Among these concerns are worker safety, professional liability, environmental exposures, completed operations issues and property exposures.

This questionnaire gives your business the opportunity to review risk categories specific to your operations and take action to address those risks:

28 Apr

3 Coverages You Need to Get to Avoid Underinsuring Your Home

Homeowners insurance offers financial protection in the event of an unexpected disaster or accident involving you, your home or your personal property. However, homeowners insurance policies consist of several different types of coverage. With this in mind, it’s important that you review each form of coverage included on your policy to make sure you are adequately insured for your specific risks.

Here are some key coverage elements to look out for:

26 Apr

The Pros and Cons of Different Design-Build Project Variations

Design-build continues to grow as a project delivery method of choice for project owners looking for a streamlined approach to designing and building their next project. Rather than having to deal with two primary points of contact (the contractor and the lead designer), the project owner chooses to have only a single point of contact. For the owner, this can greatly simplify the management of today’s complex construction sites.

There are different variations of design-build projects in terms of who takes the role of the Design-Builder. Here are the pros and cons of a few variations:

23 Apr

Safety Guide for Auto Body Shop Employees While Working

Auto repair and maintenance shops employees can face a number of safety exposures that they will need to contend with on a daily basis. It’s important to understand the challenges presented by these exposures, as they can cause damages to the business as well as serious physical harm.

Here are some safety measures and protocols to take into consideration:

21 Apr

Crisis Response for Mining Company Employees Working Overseas

Mining company employees who must work overseas can be exposed to a number of risks that pose a threat and possibly endanger their lives. While operating in foreign jurisdictions and being unfamiliar with the local environment, it’s important to take into consideration what could happen and how to properly protect yourself and your company from harm.

Here are some exposures and their key considerations in relation to crisis response for employees of mining companies working overseas:

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