10 Jul

Basic traits every personal trainer should hone

Every personal trainer wants to increase their client base, and charge more for their services. Here are three fundamental traits that no fitness instructor or personal trainer will be successful without.

25 Jun

Increasing cyber awareness among employees


It’s no secret that human error is currently the biggest cause of cyberattacks. That means that most attacks can be repelled by properly training and updating employees with best practices when it comes to interacting with technology.

18 Jun

Behind the boardroom doors - Directors and officers claims examples (Part 2)

This is part two in a series on claims examples where directors and officers insurance can provide coverage. You can access Part 1 here.

11 Jun

Tips for prepping your home for summer

Summer is almost here, and across Canada everyone is getting ready to go on vacation, hit the beach, or get out on the water. But as a homeowner, you should make sure that your most valuable investment is taken care of as well. The warm weather is great, but it brings a few risks with it that you can get ahead of with a little planning.

08 Jun

New drone regulations expected this year

Transport Canada announced that it plans to change the rules around operating drones, both for commercial and recreational use.

30 May

Why engaging next generation donors is key to your nonprofit's success

It’s no secret that what motivates young people has shifted in the past couple of decades. For nonprofits, a major change is that millennials and Generation X-ers are less interested in owning things and more interested in experiences. Another way to think about this is that young people are more interested in what they do, rather than what they have.

24 May

Common mistakes yoga instructors make when purchasing insurance

Purchasing insurance is a critical part of any business planning, including yoga instructors. You should be able to teach your class with peace of mind, knowing that if anything unforeseen happens, your business and reputation are not at risk.

16 May

Behind the boardroom doors - Directors and officers claims examples

In the recent past, a multitude of Canadian directors and officers have been sued. Although the news media typically only cover the larger suits, all segments of Canadian business have instances of claims, and smaller privately held corporations are no exception.

10 May

Why cyber criminals target small and medium sized businesses

The news is peppered with stories about cyberattacks on large corporations and even large municipalities like Atlanta. These stories make it clear that although the digital age has made it easier than ever to transact business, it also comes with a new set of threats that businesses should prepare for.

02 May

Your guide to fishing lodge insurance

Canada is world-renowned for its fishing lodges. Set in spectacular locations which span British Columbia in the west to Newfoundland & Labrador in the east, fishing lodges are part of the Canadian outdoors experience, providing some of the most breathtaking and awe inspiring places to fish in the whole of the world. Some are luxurious and cater events from weddings to corporate functions. Others are small pioneering cabins nestled away in the heart of our country.

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