19 Mar

Believe it or not, Japan has a drone museum

Drones may be a relatively recent phenomenon, but that hasn’t stopped Skyasky Inc., a drone flight school, from opening the country’s first drone museum in Osaka, Japan.

12 Mar

Cyber liability claims examples - Why your business needs coverage

 When you hear about cyber attacks and "data breaches, many people think of a rogue hacker infiltrating a computer system to steal people's information.

26 Feb

Home fire extinguisher guide

When it comes to managing your fire risk, one of the best tools is the most obvious one: the fire extinguisher. At best, it can put out a fire completely, preventing a dangerous and costly event altogether. But even if it only starts the job while firefighters finish it, it can save time when it is most critical.

23 Feb

The Axis Group is a proud supporter of Creative Toolbox

The Axis Insurance Group believes that everything we do matters, professionally and personally. That's why we're such big fans of Creative Toolbox, a local social venture with a focus on educating youth.

19 Feb

Cyberattacks top list of biggest threats to businesses in 2018

On the World Economic Forum’s (WEF) list of things businesses around the world should be on the lookout for this year, cyberattacks took third place, following natural disasters at number two, and extreme weather events at the top.

12 Feb

North American CEOs among the most optimistic: report

Cyber threats top the list of worries from corporate leaders 

Corporate optimism about short term prospects rose to record heights this year, according to PwC’s annual CEO survey

05 Feb

Five effective donor retention strategies for nonprofits


According to nonprofit expert Chuck Longfield, a decade ago the average retention rates for donors was around 33%. Since then, that number has actually gotten worse, dipping down to 27%.

If that trend continues, donor retention rates will dip under 20%. Those numbers are shocking, and a little bit scary, but they shouldn’t discourage nonprofits and charities. The fact that not everyone is on the ball gives those that are doing it right all the more opportunity.

29 Jan

Home heating tips for chilly Canadian winters


Winters here in the Great White North can be challenging enough -- you don’t need the added stress of an astronomical heating bill shoveled on top of everything else.

22 Jan

Drone video footage reveals the unusual way narwhals use their tusks to hunt

For the first time ever, footage has been taken of narwhals to show how their tusks help them feed — although it might not be exactly what you're picturing.

14 Dec

Are timid underwriters blowing a business opportunity with blockchain?

[This article was originally published in Canadian Underwriter.]

There is a substantial business opportunity for insurers willing to learn about and underwrite nascent blockchain technology, says an account executive at The Axis Insurance Group in B.C.

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