26 Jul

Residential Building Professional Liability Claims to Watch Out For

What are today’s trends in professional liability claims against architects, engineers and other design firms? There are a variety of claims that can occur and design professionals need to watch out for. One of them is residential claims.

Here's what you need to watch out for and understand how to protect yourself from these claims:

23 Jul

How Cyber Criminals Choose Their Phishing Targets and Method of Attack

Both phishing and spear-phishing scams can affect anyone. Phishing attacks are more expansive and don’t necessarily have a psychology behind who is attacked. Spear-phishing attacks, however, are more thought out and planned.

These attacks often have one of two targets: individuals or employers.

21 Jul

5 Principles to Understanding Agricultural Integrated Pest Management

Pest management is often reduced to one of two general approaches: applying pesticides at scheduled times throughout the year, regardless of an existent pest problem, or retaliating with a heavy volume of synthetic pesticides after a problem has been discovered. Unfortunately, both of these practises involve a heavy concentration of pesticides and may not be as effective as believed.

The following information can help agricultural businesses and workers understand how to better manage pests:

19 Jul

9 Tips for Choosing a Reputable Contractor for Your Next Project

Having a reputable contractor is essential for completing any remodelling or construction work in a timely, cost-efficient and satisfactory manner—from explaining procedures and predicting schedules to calculating costs. Without someone dependable, you risk trusting an unscrupulous contractor with the worksite, a situation that can easily lend itself to manipulation and exploitation.

Here are 9 tips to help you choose a reputable and suitable contractor for your next project:

16 Jul

Safety Tips for Forestry and Logging Employees to Minimize Accidents

For those who run and operate a forestry or logging business, there are a number of exposures and risks to consider in order to mitigate losses and protect their business.

Here are some safety tips for employees to take into consideration to stay safe while working and minimize the number of accidents:

14 Jul

5 Common Exposures Non-Profit Organizations Need to Watch Out For

Non-profit organizations provide essential social services that benefit the community and their members. However, there are still a number of potential risks that can affect your employees, assets, volunteers, directors and officers, and most importantly, your mission.

Countless claims can be brought against your non-profit. For example, should an individual injure themselves at one of your events or on your property, they could bring a claim against you. The list below provides an overview of these risks and more—helping you identify potential blind spots in your risk management and insurance programs.:

12 Jul

Understanding Green Design and How Design Firms Can Benefit From It

As green design becomes an increasingly popular trend, design firms that decide to venture into this field can gain valuable experience and expertise than those who choose not to. Design firms can benefit from understanding the concept of green design and how gaining this knowledge will be able to help their firm grow in the future.

Here are a few key facts to know about green design:

09 Jul

How Pollution Liability Insurance Coverage Can Protect Contractors

Contractors, no matter what industry they work in, face environmental risks stemming from operations on a daily basis. For most contractors, a single pollution incident or loss can seriously damage their operations, balance sheet and even reputation. Making matters worse, pollution incidents can be sudden or occur gradually over time.

Here's how Contractors Pollution Liability Insurance can help protect you:

07 Jul

A Quick Guide for Mining Companies on How to Transfer Insurance Risks

An essential part of any Insurance program is the effective use of Risk Management and loss control strategies to mitigate exposure to loss and improve the risk profile of the client. For mining companies, the proper implementation of these strategies can help save them large costs in the long term. 

Here are some quick facts about risk transferring for mining companies:

05 Jul

9 Ways to Prevent Log Truck Rollovers and Minimize Accidents

Log trucks and similar vehicles are commonplace in forestry operations. They are essential to keeping operations moving. However, improper use of these vehicles can result in deadly rollover accidents.

Here are some ways to mitigate the risk of log truck rollovers and prevent accidents:

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