26 Jul

Residential Building Professional Liability Claims to Watch Out For

What are today’s trends in professional liability claims against architects, engineers and other design firms? There are a variety of claims that can occur and design professionals need to watch out for. One of them is residential claims.

Here's what you need to watch out for and understand how to protect yourself from these claims:

12 Jul

Understanding Green Design and How Design Firms Can Benefit From It

As green design becomes an increasingly popular trend, design firms that decide to venture into this field can gain valuable experience and expertise than those who choose not to. Design firms can benefit from understanding the concept of green design and how gaining this knowledge will be able to help their firm grow in the future.

Here are a few key facts to know about green design:

18 Jun

5 Challenges and Risks of Sustainable Green Design Projects

As with every emerging trend that hits the design field, green design presents challenges for both the design firms that eagerly pursue a future developing environmentally friendly buildings and those who would rather not enter this new frontier.

Here are a few of the liabilities you can expect to encounter with green projects:

07 Jun

3 Reasons Why Sustainable Green Design Continues to Grow in Popularity

Sustainability. Green Design. LEED Certification. These are terms that design firms are becoming very familiar with and that significantly impact their present and future design practice. Clients in both the public and private sectors are becoming more environmentally conscious and eco-friendly with their projects and green design continues to grow and grow.

31 May

How to Manage Risks on Different Design-Build Project Variations

The design-build style type of project continues to grow as a project delivery method of choice for project owners looking for a streamlined approach to designing and building their next project. However, with the different design-build project variations there are certain risk factors associated with them that should be taken into account.

17 May

7 Tips to Better Manage Risks on Contractor-Led Design Builds

As design-build style projects continue to grow as a project delivery method of choice for project owners looking for a streamlined approach to designing and building their next project, there are certain risk factors associated with this type of project that should be taken into account.

26 Apr

The Pros and Cons of Different Design-Build Project Variations

Design-build continues to grow as a project delivery method of choice for project owners looking for a streamlined approach to designing and building their next project. Rather than having to deal with two primary points of contact (the contractor and the lead designer), the project owner chooses to have only a single point of contact. For the owner, this can greatly simplify the management of today’s complex construction sites.

There are different variations of design-build projects in terms of who takes the role of the Design-Builder. Here are the pros and cons of a few variations:

26 Mar

How Architects and Engineers Can Minimize Errors and Omissions

As an architect or engineer you are expected to provide quality services and produce error-free work on a daily basis. Such precision is obviously important in such a highly skilled industry, but despite your best intentions, some mistakes or misjudgments are bound to occur.

Unfortunately, when they do, even the smallest error can have serious consequences. Clients could sue you or your company, and in addition to paying to defend yourself in court, you would also be responsible for potentially extensive restitution costs if found at fault.

As such, here are some ways to manage the risk and minimize errors and omissions claims:

15 Mar

Why Architects and Engineers Need Professional Liability Coverage

As an engineer or architect, you work in a highly skilled, detail-oriented industry and are expected to provide quality design services that are free of errors or omissions. Despite your expertise, knowledge and best intentions, the reality is that not all projects are error-free, and eventually a mistake or misjudgment is bound to occur.

Even the smallest error can have serious consequences. If a client believes damages are due to a mistake on your part, he or she can sue your company. It is important to protect yourself against this potentially devastating liability. 

01 Mar

Attack on Accountants: Impact of Cybersecurity Breaches and Data Hacks

As we rely more and more on technology and companies have their employees work from home, the risk of having a cybersecurity breach should also be considered.

In particular, professional services that deal with and handle a great deal of personal information from clients are especially susceptible to cyberattacks.

One professional industry that has been targeted are those who work in Accounting. Take a look at what happened to the Canadian Chartered Professional Accountants Association when they suffered a cyberattack in 2020:

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