11 Oct

Student Safety & Liability at Higher Education Institutions


The extent to which universities are liable for student safety is an issue that has undergone drastic change in recent decades. Since universities could potentially be liable for harm to students due to negligence, it is crucial to acknowledge risks and to take steps to prevent litigation.

11 Oct

7 Considerations To Improve Playground Safety


Playgrounds are an important part of a young child’s educational environment. They allow children to exercise and use up excess energy so they can better focus in the classroom. However, playgrounds are often the site of many injuries, ranging in severity from minor to serious.

11 Oct

How to Prevent Violence in the Classroom


As an administrator, dealing with violence in your facility is a grim reality. Although extreme incidents of school violence garner the most media attention, many educational settings have more commonplace—yet no less significant—activities that constitute incidents of violence. These include threats of physical violence, harassment, intimidation or other threatening, disruptive behaviour.

27 Sep

5 Benefits of a Safe Patient Handling Program


Because of incapacitation due to age, illness or injury, patients in health care settings often need help performing normal daily tasks like sitting up or walking. Helping patients with these tasks requires significant physical demands, putting employees in danger of musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs).

27 Sep

4 Tips to Prevent Allegations of Sexual Abuse Involving Minors


As terrible as it is to consider, the vulnerability of youth patients in a health care facility make them targets for sexual misconduct or abuse. These circumstances also create an opportunity for false allegations of sexual misconduct, which could be just as detrimental for your facility. This is a serious liability risk for your organization, and it is important that you do all you can to protect your patients and your facility.

27 Sep

How to Create a Communicable Disease Response Plan


Communicable diseases present a unique risk in health care facilities. Aside from your duty to your patients, you also have the important responsibility of safeguarding your employees’ health and safety while they are in the workplace. In order to do that, you need to prepare for a communicable disease outbreak, either among your staff or in your local community, so that you can take measures to maintain a safe working environment.

07 Aug

What every nonprofit should look for in a community manager

Social media can be a powerful tool for nonprofits to build support, attract new donors and further their cause. A strong digital presence has become essential to developing social movements. This comes with a growing need for community managers — the people who manage a nonprofit’s social media channels — to oversee that presence.

30 May

Why engaging next generation donors is key to your nonprofit's success

It’s no secret that what motivates young people has shifted in the past couple of decades. For nonprofits, a major change is that millennials and Generation X-ers are less interested in owning things and more interested in experiences. Another way to think about this is that young people are more interested in what they do, rather than what they have.

23 Feb

The Axis Group is a proud supporter of Creative Toolbox

The Axis Insurance Group believes that everything we do matters, professionally and personally. That's why we're such big fans of Creative Toolbox, a local social venture with a focus on educating youth.

12 Feb

North American CEOs among the most optimistic: report

Cyber threats top the list of worries from corporate leaders 

Corporate optimism about short term prospects rose to record heights this year, according to PwC’s annual CEO survey

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