30 Apr

Business Interruption Policies and Coronavirus


As the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak evolves, businesses face growing uncertainty as to how this pandemic will affect their operations long term. This is especially true when you consider that many organizations—including bars, restaurants, entertainment venues, retailers and manufacturers—have had to close their doors or cease operations as a result of COVID-19. Not only has this severely impacted their ability to serve their customers, but, for some, it has also led to indefinite disruptions—disruptions that could impact their bottom line.

22 Apr

Pandemic Property Loss Prevention Checklist


In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, many employers across Canada have had to either temporarily close their business doors or transition to a telecommuting program, leaving their commercial property unoccupied. However, unoccupied properties are more susceptible to vandalism, theft, undetected structural failures and property damage.

16 Apr

Managing Liability Exposures in a Rough Economy


An economic downturn can be a turbulent time for businesses in every sector worldwide. Sinking revenues and economic uncertainty can exacerbate our already litigious society, and even companies that successfully weather economic downturns relatively unscathed can still face long-term uninsured risks.

15 Apr

8 Safety Tips to Make Respiratory Protection a Priority


To employees, it may seem like a hassle to wear respiratory protection, but particles and contaminants – no matter how small – can cause both short-term and long-term health problems.

20 Mar

COVID-19 & Business Interruption Insurance: A Brief Q&A


Got questions about how the current COVID-19 pandemic relates to your commercial insurance? Thanks to the Insurance Bureau of Canada, we’ve got some of the answers to the most pressing questions Canadian business owners are facing.

01 Nov

8 Safety Precautions for Handling Toxic Chemicals

Some chemicals used on the manufacturing floor are hazardous to employees’ health and can cause illness and injury if they are not handled correctly. Before employees begin working with any chemical, they need to identify its potential hazards, become familiar with how to best protect themselves and be aware of the procedures to follow if an accident takes place.

01 Nov

Preventing and Protecting Against Arc Flashes

Electric shock causes only about 20 per cent of all injuries among electrical workers. The majority of injuries in this profession are external burns or other effects of electrical arc explosions. There are between five and 10 reportable arc flash events every day in the country—averaging one fatality every 28 hours.

01 Nov

How to Improve Air Quality on the Floor

You may be surprised to know that indoor air sometimes has higher levels of pollutants than outdoor air, and consequently can pose environmentally related health problems. This has increasingly become a concern for business owners, as indoor air quality (IAQ) has a direct impact on the health, comfort, well-being and productivity of employees.

25 Oct

How to Implement an HACCP Program


Hazard analysis critical control point (HACCP) is a systematic preventive approach to food safety and pharmaceutical safety that addresses physical, chemical and biological hazards as a means of prevention rather than finished product inspection. It is used to identify potential food safety hazards so that action can be taken to reduce the risk of illness, and, consequently, reduce the risk of product recalls or serious legal claims.

25 Oct

How to Prepare for a Product Recall


From vehicles to pharmaceuticals to food products, what might risk managers learn from mass media coverage of product recalls? For manufacturers of all types of consumer goods, it might serve as a wake-up call to the potential impact of a product recall event and a lesson on what should be done immediately to prepare for potential exposures. Faulty products cause thousands of deaths each year, resulting in a plethora of illnesses and lawsuits.

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