16 Jul

Safety Tips for Forestry and Logging Employees to Minimize Accidents

For those who run and operate a forestry or logging business, there are a number of exposures and risks to consider in order to mitigate losses and protect their business.

Here are some safety tips for employees to take into consideration to stay safe while working and minimize the number of accidents:

05 Jul

9 Ways to Prevent Log Truck Rollovers and Minimize Accidents

Log trucks and similar vehicles are commonplace in forestry operations. They are essential to keeping operations moving. However, improper use of these vehicles can result in deadly rollover accidents.

Here are some ways to mitigate the risk of log truck rollovers and prevent accidents:

23 Jun

The Hazards of Biofuels and How to Protect Yourself Working With Them

As a fast-growing part of the energy sector, the biofuel industry has become an attractive place to work and invest. To protect your company in the biofuel industry, it is essential to recognize potential workplace hazards of biofuels and their production processes and take steps to protect workers from harm.

Here are some precautions your business can take to protect workers from harm while working with biofuels and their hazards:

11 Jun

How to Reduce Safety Hazards and Risks When Working With Formaldehyde

Formaldehyde is a colourless, strong-smelling chemical that is commonly used in the manufacturing of building materials and numerous other products. Those products include chemicals, particle board, household products, glues, permanent press fabrics, paper product coatings, fibreboard and plywood. It is also widely used as an industrial fungicide, germicide and disinfectant.

Here are some precautions your business can take to protect workers from harm while working with formaldehyde:

19 May

Case Study: How Product Liability Insurance Can Protect Manufacturers

Your customers expect you to have safe and reliable products, and failing to meet these expectations can lead to huge financial losses. If one of your products harms a customer or other stakeholder in any way, they can sue your business, leading to costly legal fees and settlements that can easily reach six figures.

Take a look at the following case study on how Product Liability Insurance was able to protect a company when they suffered a product recall:

06 May

The Benefits of Using Machine Guards While Operating Heavy Equipment

Working with machinery and other heavy equipment is one of the top causes of workplace injuries. Machinery is necessary to create a level of efficiency that’s unreachable through manual labour. Although effective, this equipment comes with serious risks. However, your risk of accidental injury can be reduced through the use of machine guards.

14 Apr

8 Safety Tips to Reduce Injuries and Contamination in Meatpacking

The meatpacking industry has been a profitable industry since the beginning of the 20th century. Since then, many larger organizations modified operations and increased work speeds and productivity while also trimming their labour expenses. However, these tactics consolidated the industry but also created greater working hazards for employees. 

Here are some precautions your business can take to protect workers from harm:

29 Mar

8 Safety Precautions for Handling Toxic Chemicals During Manufacturing

Some chemicals used on the manufacturing floor are hazardous to employees’ health and can cause illness and injury if they are not handled correctly. Before employees begin working with any chemical, they need to identify its potential hazards, become familiar with how to best protect themselves and be aware of the procedures to follow if an accident takes place.

Here are some precautions your business can take to protect workers from harm:

24 Mar

How to Work Safely in Warehouses and Reduce Employee Accidents

Warehouses are vital, but they can also be dangerous—because they are a centre of activity with a flurry of circulating goods and moving vehicles, they usually have a higher potential for accidents than other areas with more limited functions.

Improving warehouse safety can have a positive effect, streamlining your entire organization. To have a safe, productive warehouse, take a look at how to reduce the following causes of accidents in warehousing and storage:

10 Mar

6 Safety Tips for Working with Nanotechnology in the Workplace

Today, new consumer products manufactured using nanotechnology are coming on the market at a fast rate. Nanoparticles are already used in paints, car parts, eyeglasses, cosmetics, tennis racquets and clothing, and their use is expected to increase in the near future.

While nanotechnology is an exciting new field, it may also pose potentially serious hazards for workers who handle nanoparticles. Keep safety and prevention in mind to protect your workers and your company.

Here are some ways your business can protect workers from harm:

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