16 Oct

How to Reduce Retail Ergonomic Risk Factors


Retail work can be physically demanding. Many retail employees handle thousands of items each day while stocking shelves, ringing up customers, unloading trucks and preparing food.

16 Oct

9 Tips to Promote Safe Cleaning Chemical Use for Retail Operations


Retail employees frequently use cleaning chemicals to ensure cleanliness of stores. Workers who handle these products include building maintenance staff, janitors, clerks and stockers. Depending on the chemical components, some cleaning products can be hazardous.

16 Oct

How to Prevent Sharp Tool Injuries for Retail Employees


Retail employees frequently use knives, box cutters and other sharp instruments to perform daily tasks like opening boxes, preparing food and removing tags from products. Sharp tools like these can pose a dangerous cut hazard for workers.

01 Oct

Preventing Accidents in Restaurants


Accidents are a part of every job, and restaurants are no exception. While everything is done to keep the restaurant free of hazards, safety needs to be at the top of every staffer’s mind to ensure the restaurant stays accident free.

01 Oct

11 Strategies to Prevent Kitchen Fires


Kitchen accidents are common due to the constant handling of flammable materials around hot appliances and open flames. Most of these accidents can be prevented; the leading cause of kitchen fires is unattended cooking.

01 Oct

How to React to Scalds and Burns in Your Restaurant


Scalds and burns are a potentially life-changing injury that can lead to severe pain, lost time at work and permanent damage to skin. Working in a restaurant puts employees at particular risk of scalds. It is important that employees use extreme caution when working with or around hot liquids or steam, and have information about what to do should someone get burned.

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