11 May

8 Tricks to Avoid the Quarantine 15


Given the disruption of routines, it’s understandable that quarantine can be a stressor for many. As we’ve all had to find ways to rearrange our daily lives, many are abandoning their healthier eating habits due to a lack of regular schedule, stress and boredom. While there’s nothing wrong with indulging in comforting or convenient foods every once in a while, it should also be the exception rather than the norm. With refrigerators and endless snacks now always within reach, it may take a bit more self-control and mindfulness than usual to help keep the Quarantine 15 at bay. However, there are still ways you can eat well during this time of social isolation while keeping your sanity too.

05 May

8 Tips to Get Better Sleep During COVID-19


When it comes to protecting our health during this pandemic, we all know the importance of physical distancing measures and regular handwashing. However in addition to these recommended behaviours, improving your quality of sleep can go a long way in boosting your overall health. Aside from playing a critical role in your physical health and the effectiveness of your immune system, sleep is a key promoter of emotional wellness and mental health. With that said, you may be finding that getting quality sleep is hard to come by with all that’s going on right now. Despite these stressful and uncertain times, there are concrete steps you can take to help you wind down to get a good night’s rest.

29 Apr

How to Ensure Driver Safety for Restaurant Deliveries


For restaurants, offering delivery service provides a convenient food option for your customers. It can also lead to increased business opportunities for your restaurant.

28 Apr

How to Recognize & Avoid Pandemic Burnout


If you’ve ever felt exhausted, overwhelmed and unable to cope with the demands of life, chances are you’ve reached a point of burnout. While burnout isn’t a medical diagnosis, it’s still a condition that shouldn’t be ignored. Affecting our physical, mental and emotional state, burnout is often experienced when we’re subjected to excessive prolonged stress.

22 Apr

Pandemic Property Loss Prevention Checklist


In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, many employers across Canada have had to either temporarily close their business doors or transition to a telecommuting program, leaving their commercial property unoccupied. However, unoccupied properties are more susceptible to vandalism, theft, undetected structural failures and property damage.

21 Apr

How to Maintain Your Mental Health When Working from Home


Needless to say, there’s a wide array of emotions at play with all that’s going on in the world right now. Many are worried about COVID-19, as well as what it will mean for the economy and labour market. Some are having to learn new tools and routines that best enable them to work from home. And in most cases, people are being confined to their homes with family members, children, or roommates who have their own work or school demands. While all of this can take a toll on your mental health, we’ve got some tips to help protect you during this challenging time.

16 Apr

Managing Liability Exposures in a Rough Economy


An economic downturn can be a turbulent time for businesses in every sector worldwide. Sinking revenues and economic uncertainty can exacerbate our already litigious society, and even companies that successfully weather economic downturns relatively unscathed can still face long-term uninsured risks.

14 Apr

6 Tips for Remote Work & Staying Productive


From ringing phone lines to surrounding workplace chatter or colleagues coming by to socialize, you get used to the various distractions that come with working in an office. However, staying focused when working from home can be a whole other challenge. 

07 Apr

Self-care 101: The What, Why & How


We live in a time where it’s not uncommon to feel like you’re being pulled in a million different directions. Whether it’s keeping up with work, investing in your relationship and friendships, or your list of errands and chores that is seemingly never ending, we often forget about the importance of carving out time for ourselves. Throw the stress of a global pandemic into the mix and the need for self-care increases tenfold. 

31 Mar

6 Free At-home Health & Fitness Resources


In order to promote social distancing and help “flatten the curve,” local governments from coast-to-coast have asked fitness studios to shutter their doors. Couple this with the fact that the non-essential workforce has had to abruptly adapt to remote work life, now more than ever it’s important that individuals incorporate exercise into their daily routines. While this may seem contradictory to the general request for self-isolation, many gyms and fitness pros have made the pivot to provide a bevvy of at-home resources that support your overall well-being.

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